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« Phrasal Verb » Quiz

Déc 12, 2019 | Non classé

Choisissez la meilleure réponse pour chaque question.


1. The company needs to _____________ expenses in order to save money next year.

2. The meeting has been __________ until Friday because the chairperson was ill.

3. I’ve been feeling much better since I’ve __________ painting; it’s very relaxing.

4. The renovation of the company headquarters was _______________ by a well-known firm of architects.

5. It’s the third time this month the printer has _____________. We have to buy a new one.

6. His job is to ______________ visitors to the company and provide them with everything they need.

7. I’ve arranged to _______________ the parcel from the post office.

8. Everyone is ________ the holidays after a very busy month at work.

9. She __________ the job because she was offered a higher salary by another company.

10. In my job it’s important to __________ recent developments in order to stay ahead of the competition.

11. We’ve _________ paper again! Can you order some more please?

12. He was fired for _________ company secrets to the main competitors.

13. He asked the bank for a loan in order to _________his new business venture.

14. Our flight is at 5 pm so we need to _____________ at the airport around 3pm.

15. The customer service department promised to ____________ the recent increase in customer complaints