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Test Anglais

Choisissez la meilleure réponse pour chaque question.
Si vous ne connaissez pas la bonne réponse, vous pouvez passer à la question suivante sans répondre.



We ______________________ on a big project at the moment.


He finished the report earlier _________ expected.

I ____________ in Toulouse for 20 years.

He ____________ the email yesterday.

When you ____________ your application, please remember to sign the last page.

If you _____________, I will arrange a meeting with our suppliers for tomorrow.

________________ leaving home early, I was late for the meeting.

The consultant recommended that we ____________ more team building activities.

If our competitors ____________ me a better salary, I would work for them.

I think I’ll need ______________ help with this presentation.

The cars _____________ produced in Germany.

If they _________________ us a bigger discount, we would have ordered more products from them.

John Stevens has been chosen to replace  Tim Martin, ________ is retiring, as CEO.

Traffic is ______________ than usual because of the roadworks.

After ______ two big clients, the CEO was very unhappy.



The course is aimed ______________  people working in engineering.

Following the disappointing financial results, we need to find ways to ___________ our sales.

The CEO _____________ the meeting as most attendees were unavailable.

The new app allows passengers to _______ the status of their flight.

The exhibition ________________ 500.000 visitors last month.

The client is interested _________ renewing  their contract.

Good communication and active listening are necessary ___________ skills in management.

It is important to be aware _________ cultural differences when dealing with international.

Please find _____________ the notes from today’s meeting as requested in your previous email.

My job consists ________ answering the phone and taking messages.

They started phasing ____________ the older version before launching the new model.

He’s responsible for looking ______________ important clients when they visit our offices.

He _________ when he found a better job.

I emailed my manager to tell him that I can’t _____________ the meeting.

Traffic is very bad during ____________ times.