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Lexique d’un Pandemique

les mots de CoVid-19

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Antibody testing: a test done to determine if a person was infected by a disease in the past
FR:  test d’anticorps (m)

Ex: Antibody testing has not begun yet in Europe



Contact tracing: the process of identifying and isolating people who have come into contact with infected people in order to stop the spread of a disease
FR: traçage des contacts (f) from : Tracer

Ex: The government launched contact tracing in order to prevent further contagion


To cough: to force air out of your lungs with a sudden noise
FR: tousser

Ex: Coughing is a symptom of COVID19


Digital health passport: a digital certificate stating that the holder is not infected with COVID-19
FR: passeport de santé numérique

Ex: In the future, travelers may have to carry a digital health passport

Droplets: a very small form of liquids
FR: gouttelette (f)

Ex: It is well known that the disease can spread through droplets from coughing or sneezing



To flatten the curve: the process of preventing new infections in order to reduce the number of cases in order to allow healthcare systems to manage the number of patients
FR: aplatir la courbe

Ex: the strict measures taken during the lockdown helped flatten the curve


To furlough / to be put on furlough: a temporary lay – off of employees due to reduced activity; employees on furlough can still be paid a part of their salary by the state and the company can also add to this
FR: activité / chômage partiel

Ex: It is estimated that over 8 million workers have been furloughed in the UK



Hand sanitiser: a liquid or gel used to clean your hands
FR: gel hydroalcoolique (m)

Ex: All companies must provide hand sanitizer for their employees to use


Herd immunity:  the immunity that happens when a large group of humans or animals become immune to an infection or disease
FR: immunité collective (f)

Ex: the government hopes that the country will achieve herd immunity by the end of the year


ICU: Intensive Care Unit – the part of a hospital where patients who are seriously ill or badly injured are taken
FR: Unité de soins intensifs

Ex: During the pandemic, nurses working in the ICU were very busy

Incubation period: the time between the infection and the development of symptoms
FR: période d’incubation (f)

Ex: The incubation period for COVID19 can be up to 14 days



Lockdown: a security measure where people are required to stay home and only go out to work, exercise or buy food and essential items
FR: confinement (m)

Ex: many European countries enforced lockdowns during the height of the COVID19 pandemic



Non-essential businesses: shops and companies not considered to offer products or services that are necessary to everyday life
FR: activités non essentielles (f)

Ex: Shops selling clothes were closed during the lockdown as they were considered non-essential businesses


An outbreak: a sudden occurrence of disease, violence or war
FR: Déclenchement (m) / apparition (f)

Ex: Many people were afraid of a new outbreak following the end of the lockdown


PPE: Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, gloves, face shields, gowns
FR: EPI (équipment de protection individuelle)

Ex: There was a shortage of PPE in many hospitals during the pandemic


Quarantine: the process of placing people in isolation or detention (e.g.: when arriving from abroad) to prevent the spread of a disease
FR: quarantaine (f)

Ex: many countries will put tourists in quarantine if they become ill during their holidays




Screening: the process of examining people to see if they have a disease
FR: dépistage (m)

Ex: all passengers will be screened for COVID19 before boarding the plane


To self – isolate: to remain separate from other people if you have or suspect you have a contagious disease
FR :  s’auto-confiner

Ex: Anyone with COVID19 symptoms should self-isolate for 14 days


To sneeze: to suddenly expel air or mucus from the nose
FR: éternuer

Ex: You should always sneeze into your elbow to avoid spreading your germs


Social distancing: keeping a greater than usual physical distance from other people in order to minimise the spread of an infectious disease
FR: distanciation sociale (f)

Ex: People will have to continue practicing social distancing by avoiding large gatherings

Surgical mask: a sterile cloth worn over the mouth and nose to minimize the spread of a disease
FR: masque chirurgical (F)

Ex: Surgical masks must not be thrown into the recycling bin



WHO: World Health Organisation
FR: OMS – Organisation mondiale de la santé

Ex : The WHO gives daily updates on the COVID19 situation


WFH: work from home
FR: télétravail (m)

Ex: the Prime Minister encouraged companies to continue WFH until September